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Working towards the circular plastics economy


What do we do?

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Additive Extraction

Add value to waste streams

We believe direct reuse of plastics is the most effective means of recycling. However, mixed additive contaminants significantly reduce the quality of the resultant product. To address this problem, we are continually developing 'drop in' processes that allow efficient extraction of additives from plastic waste streams using REACH acceptable solvents. Furthermore, we have developed methods to tailor these processes, which allows us to target specific species, such as REACH banned additives.

Additive Substitution

Sustainability and low toxicity

Many additives are being restricted through legislation such as REACH due to increased risk to human health or persistence in the environment. Addible can look at your problematic additives and advise on alternatives or model novel replacements sourced from bio-based feedstocks. These can then be incorporated into virgin polymer and analysed in our test facility to demonstrate performance.


Addible People

Who are we?

Addible has a growing framework of exceptional and results-driven people who love to work with our expanding clientele. Our team is eager to learn, open to new ideas and technologies, and adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex plastics industry. Core teams members are shown below.

James Comerford

Founder and CEO

Dr Comerford has been a researcher in the field of green chemistry since 2005 and part qualified as a patent attorney in 2012. Although he focuses on a holistic approach to green chemistry, he specialises in clean synthesis, catalysis and polymers.

James Clark

Executive Director

Professor Clark is internationally recognised for his significant contributions to the field of green chemistry. His team have development many new pioneering technologies which have been translated from the lab to industrial processes.

Fergal Byrne

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Byrne's expertise lies in the modelling, synthesis and characterisation of new high performance solvents. Previous work includes the development of TMO, a green and sustainable alternative to toluene.


About Us

Creative Solutions

Our team has operated in the academic field, at the very forefront of clean chemical technology and sustainable chemistry, for over 20 years.

Addible is focused on addressing real world issues, working with and supporting our clients to overcome chemical problems, whether this be through consultancy advice, sourcing matched funding, project management or researching bespoke solutions just for you.

Contact us to discuss your issues, potentially collaborate, or if you are just interested to find out more.

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